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When it comes to cars, no one is more passionate about them than the Arabs. No one enjoy their rides more than them. They care about the beauty, the luxury and most of all the speed. One astounding fact about Saudi Arab is that you hardly come across a poorly maintained vehicle there and you find all kinds of high profile cars like Mercedes, Ford, Audi and BMW etc. Moreover, car lovers add extra features to their rides to add to the beauty and make them more attractive.

However, if you are a fond driver and get a chance of driving in Saudi Arab, you need to keep few things in mind. First of all they drive on their right side therefore you need to be well trained on your right side to drive and second and most astonishing thing is that women in Saudi Arab are not allowed to drive cars and are arrested if found guilty of it. Different people give different views on this which more often turn into complex debates but in reality there is no actual written law in Saudi Arab, which deprives women of this right. Other than this, usual rules apply which involve wearing seat belts, avoid over speeding and prohibited use cell phones while driving.

Most of the Saudi commoners don’t follow these rules. Most of them love racing and speeding and eventually end up putting their and other’s lives in serious danger. Serious care is required while driving on Saudi roads because the driver has to protect him as well as others from an accident. You don’t need to follow the way of the locals which is careless, and even life threatening to some extent. The best thing to do in order to keep your car scratch less is safe and sound driving.

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The Arabs may be known for their ferocious driving but they are also recognized for their car maintenance. For them, it’s not just the outer beauty of the cars, but even the tiny little details matter. With their shimmering rides, they prove to be a bit of show off. Unlike others, in Saudi Arab cars are kept for passion, remodeled and enhanced for entertainment. Some people are crazy about their cars and they pay a plenty to fulfill their thirst. They just drive to their full with no worry of gas costs as fuel is economically not a major concern there.

We can eventually say that cars are not just cars in Saudi Arab; they are a lot more than that. They are not just a mere mode of transportation rather they bring excitement, enjoyment, liveliness to them as well as danger. The locals are almost obsessed with this passion and that is why keeping cars in Saudi Arab so different.

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