How To Edit PDF File In Quick Step

PDFs are called Portable Document Format. PDF is a file format with extension .pdf, it is used to present different document into an independent manner. It makes the files independent of Hardware, Software Applications and Operating System. To view these files, one must have any available PDF viewer or PDF reader, and this make it an independent of any application. But when someone wants to make alterations or to update the document, a query rises in the mind, “How can you edit this pdf document?” Mostly PDF viewer/reader does not have a functionality of editing PDFs.

So, here is an answer to this question. You can edit the pdf easily in just few step.

Here is an easy way:

Step – 1:

Search a good PDF to Text Document conversion application. Browse for an Online Converter and open the second link:
You can directly open the website by putting the URL in the URL Text Field.

Step – 2:

When the Webpage is loaded, click on the button “Upload a File to Convert”.

Step – 3:

A File Chooser Dialog box will open, select the PDF file which you want to edit. And press Open.

Step – 4:

The File will start uploading, the conversion will be started. Wait while the processing is completed:


Step – 5:

When the processing is done, you will get a view of your document. Press on the Download link.


Step – 6:

Now you will get the Download Options. Select the Download Word File. And save your file into and appropriate place.

Step – 7:

Now go to the location where you saved the file, and open it with the Microsoft Word.

Step – 8:

Now make the alterations. Edit your file and save it.

Step – 9:

After making all the alterations and updating the file, convert the file into PDF. For Microsoft Word 2010/2013, click on the Files. Then click on the Export option, and then press Create PDF/XPS Document.

Note: For older versions of Microsoft Word (2003, 2007), save the file and then convert the file to pdf online. The above site I have used to convert pdf to word, also provides word to pdf conversion. Here is a link:

Step – 10:

Select the location where you want to save the file. Now publish the file.

Step – 11:

Go the location where you have saved the edited file. Open the file and check whether alterations are done or not. And Great! You have made the alteration.

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