Benefits of jackfruit: sweet, juicy fruit, delicious in summer

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Benefits of jackfruit: sweet, juicy, delicious, refreshing, a summer fruit. Anyone who eats it must be delighted with its sweetness and deliciousness. The texture is similar to jelly. But beneath this sweet, delicious yellow flesh is Many hidden properties Today we will take you to get to know The benefits and properties of jackfruit are good for the body in many ways. In addition, every part of the tree is beneficial. But what precautions should be taken when eating jackfruit ? Let’s to โปรโมชั่น ufabet take a look.

Benefits and properties of jackfruit

Benefits of jackfruit

  • Wood: Used to make floors for houses and buildings.
  • Leaves: Young leaves are eaten fresh or blanched with chili paste.
  • Fruit: The young fruit is used for cooking. Ripe fruit is eaten as fruit.
  • Root: cures skin diseases, cures diarrhea
  • Seeds: Boiled and eaten to help nourish breast milk in women after giving birth.
  • Ripe fruit: fragrant, yellow flesh inside. Take it to eat or mix it with nectar as a dessert. and the flesh is yellow and slippery Take it and treat chest diseases. If you take a lot it will be a mild laxative.
  • Young fruit: boiled as a vegetable dip, has an astringent effect and helps treat diarrhea.
  • Latex: There are resins used as coatings or mixed with other tree sap. To make a bird trap It is also used as a medicine to treat syphilis and drive out parasites.

Precautions for eating jackfruit

  • Do not eat jackfruit with honey. Because it will cause irritation. To the stomach, there is swelling and pain in the stomach. severe abdominal swelling It can be life threatening.
  • Do not eat jackfruit with tea. Because jackfruit and tea are dinner. If eaten together the body will absorb Components that are too cold which increases the burden on the stomach of the body easily and sometimes May cause stomach pain or diarrhea. and other adverse reactions can follow.
  • Do not eat jackfruit together with radishes. May cause food poisoning. which will make the patient Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.
  • Do not eat jackfruit together with longan. Because jackfruit is a cold fruit. While longan is a fruit with warmth have opposite characteristics If eaten together May easily cause adverse reactions to the body.
  • People with diabetes should not eat jackfruit.  People with diabetes You shouldn’t eat jackfruit. Because jackfruit is a fruit that is high in sugar. It will make the symptoms more severe and more likely. that can cause complications from diabetes
  • People with allergies are prohibited from eating jackfruit. Because it may easily cause the body to have an allergic reaction.