Benefits of spices.

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In addition to the unique taste and smell. Each type of spices has different properties. But with a variety of spices. This article therefore gives examples of 5 spices that are often used as ingredients in food. That many people consume in their daily lives along with their health benefits.

1. Cumin

Cumin is known in Thai as buffalo basil and elephant basil. The seeds and leaves of this plant can be used as a spice. From the overall scientific data, it is found that cumin has properties that enhance the functioning of the digestive system. Reduce blood sugar and fat levels Relieves symptoms of food poisoning. UFABET  It is also a source of iron which helps nourish the blood and promote growth in children.

Cumin’s blood sugar and lipid lowering properties may benefit obese patients. Because one study divided obese patients into two groups. One group ate yogurt mixed with cumin for 3 months, while the other group consumed yogurt alone. The results indicated that the group that also consumed cumin had lower body fat, weight, and body fat than the other group. It also said that the amount of good fat in the group that consumed cumin was higher. while bad fat decreased

Therefore, consuming foods that contain spices such as cumin may help relieve symptoms. And improve the health of those who suffer from weight and fat problems. or symptoms of illness mentioned above

2. Turmeric

The root of the turmeric plant  is used as a spice and food. Turmeric is known for relieving stomach problems. Such as bloating, flatulence and constipation. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties for the body. This may be beneficial for people who suffer from inflammation or swelling, such as muscle pain. Inflammatory bowel disease Pancreatitis, arthritis, or other chronic inflammatory diseases. Turmeric consumption and exposure to curcumin in turmeric may help alleviate insulin resistance, high blood sugar. and high blood fat in diabetic patients as well

Not only the properties for the body The curcumin in turmeric may reduce the risk of brain disorders. One study found that curcumin’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may reduce brain cell damage from inflammation. and can help slow down the degeneration of brain cells These factors contribute to brain disease. such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.