Read ideas, good quotes, and creativity.

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Read ideas, good quotes, and creativity.

Good ideas, good quotes, easy to read on Facebook pages or websites by opening and reading directly from a mobile phone getting good things Entering the mind. He will act, make, think, speak, and do only good things. Especially those who have to work with other people as well. This matter Because if collecting negative thoughts Keep suffering too much, may fall off, show bad behavior to those around you. Report from ufabet

Listen to good ideas Useful ideas

Accessing these good materials is very easy. YouTube videos. There are many to choose from. especially during times when life is facing difficulties is suffering It is very important to listen to, read good ideas, Dharma as much as taking painkillers every 4 hours so as not to fall off. Add goodness and fill yourself with happiness. peers

doing good things for others

Thinking about doing something good helpful to others will make us feel good and happy Give good information or donate property, money or make yourself useful. Help others, people, animals as much as they can, etc., but be careful. Some bad people who will take advantage see us as good people will find a way to take advantage To do good to someone, you have to study their character well first.

According to thoughts that cause suffering, catch up

At a time when people are suffering and suffering. Most people tend to bring those problems into mind all the time. You have to practice following your own thoughts and then divide the thoughts in your head into two parts. The first is the problematic idea. What you want to think, think about it. The second part of thought, watching, controlling, is like talking to yourself. Talk to yourself to stop your thoughts from thinking bad things. If it can be stopped quickly, there won’t be much suffering.

good-humored relationship

Dating someone with a good mood will receive good things to make him not distracted but be careful Don’t take your own thoughts and suffering to vent to anyone who will listen.

Stop talking, complaining, venting, thinking about the things that hurt you.

When you find yourself suffering, suffering, experiencing problems don’t keep it in mind Or do things that will make yourself more miserable, such as being heartbroken, disappointed, parting with your lover, do not listen to sad songs, talk, vent your own suffering to people around you, listening to sad songs, heartbroken love, mangosteen, unrequited, complaining Venture out your own problems often. not good It will make the accumulation of negative thoughts. It’s like injecting yourself with toxins all the time. cause more and more suffering

escape from society Go out and find some nature.

Going out to find some nature isolated from people will be good If the problem that you are facing is difficult to solve or is a problem with your colleagues, such as entering the workplace at the time of the start of work At noon, I went out to find a private place. Get off work and go home to keep distance from each other to reduce the chance of colliding

Stay away from things that cause a lack of self-control.

what causes unconsciousness and lose control of yourself There are many things such as intoxicants, songs, movies, stories that match suffering or problems in the mind. life is in trouble Don’t come close to these things. because it will cause more suffering Less self-control Chance to do something wrong or cause damage The author’s direct experience, when stressed, will turn to these things. which caused many accidents, such as driving into a tree Crashed with a ten-wheeler, fell into a canal, fell on the side of the road