Things you should know before deciding to laser armpit hair.

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Laser armpit hair removal is a method that people can do. However, there may be limitations that laser treatment may not be suitable for those who have tattoos in this body area.

Moreover, although this method provides relatively long-lasting results, But those who undergo armpit hair removal may need to receive the laser several times, or approximately 3–4 times, in order to see clear results. They also have to undergo laser treatment periodically because even though laser gives good results in the long run, it cannot remove hair permanently.UFABET 

In addition, armpit laser treatment may cause some patients to experience side effects. The symptoms that may be encountered include:

  • The skin may become irritated, causing redness, swelling, or in some people, blisters, but this is rare.
  • The skin color in the laser treated area may change. Both temporary and permanent Some people may find that their skin is darker. While some people may find their skin has become lighter in color.
  • The skin is more sensitive to sunlight.

However, although laser armpit hair removal is an effective method for removing armpit hair, However, it is a method that has a higher cost than other methods. There are also things you should know before deciding to undergo treatment. Whether it is taking care of yourself before and after treatment and risks that may arise from laser hair.