League team told ‘Coutinho’ Villa game, shock eliminated

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Stevenage mocked Aston Villa playmaker Philippe Coutinho for not being able to pose a threat to them. In Sunday night’s 2-1 win over the League Two club

, Coutinho made his first start for Unai Emery’s side to help the side secure an FA Cup home run. Given Stevenage, second-placed in League Two

, despite facing teams three divisions lower, Coutinho has yet to produce a goal or assist. It wasn’t until he was substituted in the 66th minute that

Stevenage was 1-0 up at the time, but that didn’t stop them from mocking Coutinho when he was substituted. By writing a message on the official social media that

“in the 66th minute, Philippe Coutinho was replaced”

“This change took longer than usual. Because they had to take Coutinho out of Luther James-Wildin’s back pocket (Stevenage defensive line).

After that, at the end of the game, Stevenage came back and scored 2 goals in a row to send the “Rising Lion” out of the FA Cup in a twisted lock.

Moreover, former England striker Dion Dublin, who analyzed the game for the UFABET , criticized Coutinho after the match:

“Coutinho hasn’t done enough, we’ll say. Always like this because Coutinho has the potential to be a very good player ′

′ But today he didn’t create enough danger. I would have to say that he didn’t do anything more dangerous. I expect and want more from Coutinho


very happy But I think it all comes down to dedication, body language and playing for the team.