‘Potter’ understands being criticized – aims to change the situation

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter is disappointed again to lose to Manchester City and insists his players have done their best. Ready to admit that they are going through a difficult time, so understand that they have received criticism. Instead, they will work better and harder to turn things around.

Last Sunday night, Potter supervised “Sing the Blues” in the FA Cup battle, defeating Manchester City 4-0

, making the last 8 games in all competitions Chelsea only win one match. At the same time, Potter faced heavy pressure, during the game at the Etihad Stadium, there was a voice calling the name of Thomas Tuchel, the former boss. came from the stands on the away side

After the game, Potter gave an interview to  UFABET discussing the performance of his players.

“I think we were underdogs against very good teams. Of course, right now we are not in a great time. And although it was a close game for the first 20 minutes, we didn’t play the attacking game as well as we wanted. And attacking them wasn’t good enough ′ ′ ′

′ I think Manchester City did a really good job in stopping us from doing that. At the same time, we were facing difficulties ′

′ Man City got a great first goal from a free kick. and strange penalty strokes Causing us to be behind 2-0 ′

′ Then we have to chase the ball at Man City and have to be in the middle of adding more players in the offensive game. Trying not to let the defensive line hit the open space ′

′ So the first half was a hard and painful time for all of us, the second half. we have to respond And I think there are many good things in terms of young players.

“I think the team gave everything. and has already shown its quality But I’m disappointed that we got eliminated. And have to congratulate Man City, who definitely deserves to win ′ ′ ′

′ As for the results in the Premier League, I think we lost 4 matches, the game away at Newcastle, where we lacked players. Nine

then we lost 1-0 to Arsenal, we had a bad day and lost to Brighton and we lost to Man City, these four teams we lost

. But at the same time, we always attack Manchester United and Brentford, so the result in this short period is not optimistic ′

′ I’ve said before. We can find excuses and reasons. or we can admit that we are not good enough Both of these answers are correct.”

“So we have to continue to develop as a football team. Because it’s clear that we’re in difficult times. Which is totally not a good thing. But that’s where we are right now ′ ′ ′

′ We can’t do anything but do our job better and harder. We understand and respect the frustration of football fans. But we just have to do our job. And consider the situation as it happens ′

′ Of course, there will always be negative reviews. because our results are not good But that’s part of the challenge of this job ′

′ I’m sure the team has given everything. Today’s opponent may be the worst team you’ll ever meet. when things Didn’t go well ′ ′ ′

′ Man City can make it look like we don’t run and lack effort. Because their positioning structure is excellent. They use the full field,

“I’m working with the players. And I don’t feel that the team has a bad attitude. Everyone wants to do better. And the dressing room supports me ′

′ We’re just going through a difficult time. And maybe you want to blame someone or blame something. I understand that this question is being asked. But at the same time we have to join together to keep working ′

′ We have to focus on the next game. We will play on Thursday which is an important game. I’m sure we will have the support of the fans. When they see good performances and results.”