Tuchel convinces ‘Man Utd’ are still a big team

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Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel confirms he still views Manchester United as a giant team. But I was eliminated in a way that many people didn’t think about. It’s because they’re in a difficult group. Ready to express sympathy for Eric Ten Hag, the rival coach of the

“Southern Tigers” who had already guaranteed the group championship. Still doing his best to recover from the 5-1 defeat in the last league game and succeeding with Kingsley Coman scoring the winning goal in the 71st minute.

“Remember that Manchester United is a big club,” Tuchel said in an interview after. Game at Old Trafford

“When you see the draw You would expect United to challenge for the group title. and made it to the round of 16 teams” ยูฟ่าเบท

“But from the experience I encountered I can say that it’s true. We are in a very difficult group ′

′ Now it may seem like we enter the round comfortably. Because the points were kept away from the other teams. But every game is close. And the results of the competition were very close ′

′ Both United, Galatasaray and Copenhagen are teams hungry for victory. And have a different style of play.”

Bayern finished unbeaten with 16 points, tied with Copenhagen, which qualified as runners-up, and Tuchel was further asked about his feelings about Ten. Haak

: Of course, I sympathize with Ten Haak. He doesn’t have many key players in important games. That makes the team lack character and quality,” the former Chelsea boss replied.

“You can see those things. And maybe today they lacked the strength to change the game from the bench. “

It’s not an easy time. But I’m pretty sure Ten Hag has enough experience to pull through. He knew exactly what to do. And I don’t need advice or a pat on the shoulder to encourage me.”

“Almost every time I feel sympathy for my fellow professionals. But we must try to be winners. I also had a really bad time on Saturday. And sometimes it makes you feel alone as a coach.”