‘Webb’ explains why the goal was forfeited

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Howard Webb, England’s chief referee Confirmed that his subordinates made the correct call, both forfeiting Kai Havertz’s goal and not giving a penalty for Matty Cash’s handball at the end of the game. Arsenal lost to Aston Villa 1-0 last Sunday, a game

. Villa Park had drama in the 90th minute when Havertz took advantage of a scramble in the penalty area with Cash to send the ball into the net. But Jarred Gillett was caught on the field for handball, with VAR confirming, “If the ball

touches The hands of the offensive line scorer According to the rules, it must be immediate handball. Even if it wasn’t intentional,” Webb explained in the latest episode of the show. Which was hosted by Michael Owen. สมัคร ufabet

“Jarred Gillet, the on-field referee, Very well done this time. He blew his hand when he saw the ball hit Kai Havertz’s arm.”

“A few seconds before that, We see that the ball accidentally hit Matty Cash’s arm as well. But he was not caught for handball. “

The reason is that Cash is a receiver and in this moment he did not have an unnatural increase in body size. Or intentionally used their hands, so according to the rules, it was correct that Arsenal did not get both the goal and the penalty. “

Football rules are always considered. And maybe it will change in the future. But at this moment we have to make a decision like this.”

“The interesting thing is If this moment was the last, Eddie Nketiah was the one who sent the ball in. There will be no forfeiture. Because the rules only look at the direct scorer, which is Havertz.”

However, Webb made no mention of another problem moment before that, which was Gabriel Jesus being hit by Douglas Luis early in the second half. But VAR checked and ignored the penalty.

Meanwhile, Webb said the penalty in another game, which VAR decided to help Crystal Palace take the lead before losing to Liverpool 2-1, was clearly the correct decision.

“Jarrell Quansah didn’t hit the ball. And it was strong enough to be a penalty,” Webb confirmed.